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Cyberstalking Has No Physical Look | Project: Bullyish

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There are no specific types of stalkers. They can come from any background and have any level of education. The problem is the harm they cause victims. Even the most polished individuals can engage in online stalking through multiple fake profiles.

We must acknowledge that true character lies beneath the surface. The prevalence of cyberstalking represents a significant crisis in today's digital world—it's time we address it as such.


The Many Layers

According to Norton, "Cyberstalking is defined as the use of email, direct messaging, or other electronic means to harass, scare, or threaten someone with physical can come in various forms, such as bullying, sexual harassment, or other unwelcome attention around your life and activities." It is pertinent to know that Cyberstalking is illegal in the United States, Australia, and the U.K.

Social Status

To demonstrate that social standing is unrelated to mental illness, a well-known case involves an executive at eBay who entered a plea of guilt in relation to multiple offenses involving the harassment of a Massachusetts couple. Tactics employed included the use of public tweets, and threatening direct messages on Twitter.

The significance of holding a prestigious position at eBay becomes irrelevant when emotions come into play, as appearances can be deceiving.

How It Relates

In my personal experience, I have unfortunately encountered a series of disturbing incidents involving harassment and cyberstalking toward myself, and my family. As referenced in my original OP/ED, and the Project: Bullyish film trailer, these offenses have been ongoing for several years and have had a profound impact on my life. They started when I was a teenager and involved a digital cult known as the PANTICULT or LILLEE JEAN CLONE CULT, that latched on one day.

The only logical explanation can be said from this referenced article, "When someone joins a cult, he or she usually does so because of what the organization offers initially. This may include friendship for those that need it, connections to others, an identity that is lacking, contributing factors, and sometimes family."

An Example

A prominent member of the Panticult, Lillee Jean Clone Cult, is an excellent example of cyberstalking without a face. In Maine, a 60-year-old woman with several degrees, including arts and applied science, initially appeared respectable, but, ended up being the most vicious of the cult against me.

I wondered at the time when so many accounts were popping up contacting people I knew, worked with, or even talked to for a split second, "why". Why can't I have a life? Why is someone trying to kill every dream I ever had?

Now I wonder why a woman who was a wildlife rehabilitation person, to gracing the streets of London, and to now at 60 once again back to school, would care about a "Lillee Jean." Why? It made no sense.

The tactics

She used various tactics similar to the case above, such as public tweets, threatening direct messages, intentional economic harm, privacy breaches, and even identity theft to destroy me, and my family.

We were able to identify her across several social media profiles based on her reference to a specific place called Theresienstadt, as shown below. It would be later revealed, too, that she had a connection to several of the anti-Semitic hate accounts referenced in my piece on the Rise of Antisemitism.

Sandra Schuld

Throughout my teenage years to now, she operated multiple accounts under names such as ATRUEMAN, NiceMinnesotan, R/Leading-economist-12, R/SKHoward, CheeryMonkey, Antiques_lady, and CherryCupcakes7, SandraSchuld, CeoKindred, diane135899, Rabbits2022, kxh45ybdyj, SandraKellySchuld, SandraNiermannSchuld, Sandman22, bubbletea4ever4, Wesavedogs22.

Sandra Schuld Maine
Cyberstalking Has No Physical Look | Project: Bullyish

This woman was responsible for digging into calling previous schools I attended as a minor child, trying to contact old boyfriends from middle school, contacting places I dined at, as well as calling places I modeled for. Her behavior went to even more extreme lengths such as emailing my cyber tech lawyer using her real name to "send him the proof" on why my family is horrible and he should "drop us", to signing up for websites like Justice4Brenda on the anniversary of my aunt's murder with both her real name and picture while using the email address containing LilleeJean6, and creating family trees to prove I am "not Jewish". It was extensive. I lost opportunities, money, jobs, and even people I once knew due to the harmful and concentrated hate campaign. It still is extensive today the malice and hate.


My family demanded she pull our family tree on Ancestry which she created with saved family photographs and family documents. Photos of my grandmother...saved. It was really creepy, and jarring.

Sandra Schuld Minnesota

My family demanded she pull our family tree on Ancestry which she created with saved family photographs and family documents.

I found that she was building out my great-grandmother's side of the family from Russia, when she saved a photo document. Once again, I felt abused. This person was now trying to harm, hurt, and rob me of my privacy, and identity. She put these documents on, Kiwifarms, both neo-nazi websites, and Twitter with several fake accounts to further the heat and harm against my family. Within that time many antisemitic accounts popped up.

Chaos ensued as a result of that ripple in time. Stories such as my family mentioning that there were family members who survived the Holocaust, or my great-grandmother had a scar from the Tsar's men, we had to prove it! To this Maine, riling up the entire internet. This woman I had never met before, and being only 20. She was in her late 50s at the time. Tagging brands I worked with, and anyone else I was friends with to prove I wasn't Jewish, and "it's all a lie". For all Jews, these stories are sacred and dear to us. We remember, so we don't forget what might happen next. To prove your "Jewishness" is a travesty. We stick together. We never forget.

Later I would find out that the cyberstalker had only one relative with Jewish ancestry not within her recent lines carried down. She went on a rampage for years, spreading antisemitic hate crimes against me to further her own agenda, posing as a Jewish woman, as though she was a martyr for all Jews. Being of Russian/Jewish and German/Jewish descent, from my mom's side of the family, I found this incredibly offensive.

The misery I suffered, the isolation I felt, for someone who not only was almost 3 times my age but not even from her mother's side on Jewish. The only reasonable explanation for this cyberstalker was simple, hero syndrome, imposter syndrome, and obsession. She wanted to feel important and wanted. No amount of wealth, comfort, or being, meant anything compared to the mania and obsession to cyberstalk my family.

It's important to note, at the same time this woman was also saying I had a fake following, that I was racist, and encouraging a petition to go around the internet for people to sign to "deplatform" me. Scroll below for that screenshot. There is no "why" to a cyberstalker's psychosis. The only thing we can rely on is professionals to help these given people, and for others to stay vigilant on the internet, and be safe.

Project Bullyish

Sandra Schuld Maine Leading-Economist-12

The impact:

From Twitter to Instagram, to YouTube.

Project Bullyish

Just like the eBay case, it is hard to imagine why someone privileged would need this gratification. Spending hours a day trying to rip someone apart. It's almost baffling to comprehend why someone who appears to lead a busy life leading teams at Wells Fargo would engage in activities such as creating fake accounts to harass a teenager, or, involve themselves in reprehensible platforms like neo-nazi websites, or

Cyberbullying sandra schuld maine

Bullyish cyberstalking on youtube

Sandra Schuld of Maine and Minnesota above with her various accounts commenting on YouTube videos to bring their numbers up causing economic harm.

In spite of the woman's age compared to me, and privileged lifestyle, the cyberstalker has committed some of the most vile acts of hate crime and stalking against me. Despite the fact that I was only 19, she took away what could have been a lifetime of career with her lies and deception. Why would anyone doubt the good wife of a vet? Using the crutch of Judaism to shield her true intentions. That is a cyberstalker.

Sandra Schuld Maine

Sandra Schuld Maine

In spite of the woman's 60-year-old age and privileged lifestyle, the cyberstalker has committed some of the most vile acts against me. Even though I was only 19, she took away what could have been a lifetime of career with her lies and deception. Why would anyone doubt the good wife of a vet?

Sandra Schuld Maine

The Impact Cyberstalkers Have

Although the above might seem overwhelming, I felt the same way for many years as a teenager trying to get by in this world. As a result of one of the cult members posting these documents online, and spreading an enormous amount of hatred, this is the result. Pure hatred that is guided. Both violent threats below come from the very website (LOLCOW) the woman in Maine gave people links to, just this week from this date of October 30th, 2023.

Sandra Schuld

Cyberbullying Sandra Schuld

There are consequences to actions, and this shows that even someone who is educated can be a complete catfish to others online. While I have to date many police reports, and I am working with the District Attorney in my state, things do take time. The threats though, continue today.

Final Thoughts

The answer may be simpler than we think: A cyberstalker who derives pleasure from tormenting others.

Cyberstalking Has No Physical Look | Project: Bullyish

Sandra Schuld Maine

The only thing that matters is who you are inside. It doesn’t matter if you have a degree, a lot of money, a lot of status, or who you marry. This post serves as a reminder to everyone to be careful who you associate with online, and to monitor your children’s online activities. There may be a woman like the one in Maine talking to a child on a server. Maybe your child. Be safe out there.


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