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Lillee Jean Project Bullyish: Drama Channels Apart of Content Farms MAJOR IN Online Bullying

The online world affects our rights on a daily basis. Whether we are aware of it or not, our actions, words, and thoughts all influence our digital persona in some way. However, things aren't always black and white. What if you didn't say something? What if you didn't act a certain way? In many cases, cyberbullying victims have had to become their own warriors, fighting against such misinformation, hatred, and rumors. They become victims to things they never said, they never acted upon, and never spoke for.

My goal with Project Bullyish is to advocate for education, and of course to raise awareness of what really happens online. As a society, we are accustomed to online bullying and stalking, which I believe no one should tolerate. There's nothing normal about it, nor is it fitting for a human being.

Among the interesting discoveries Project: Bullyish has made, one is related to the social platforms themselves.

Tea channels.

"Repetition is a hallmark characteristic of cyberbullying. This refers to repeated actions on the part of the bully, but also the fact that material that is shared on the Internet could last much longer than the original bullying. This is especially true in the case of sharing personal information or photos as a form of cyberbullying." -

Having been the recipient of hatred and discord, I understand how it feels to feel isolated, bewildered, and like you could yell through a megaphone, and nobody would hear your voice. In one instance, a fan edited me on the carpet of the Met Gala. It was turned into "Lillee Jean lied about attending the Met Gala". This seemed ridiculous to me in a world where women's rights have been diminished, and there is chaos everywhere. It's an edit. Katy Perry is tagged. Yet here we are, years later, with videos on the same subject. How very odd indeed.

"...there are channels that sensationalize every small detail—for example: a vague comment—and implicating that it’s an attack against another person, even though it’s not." (source)

The truth is, with knowledge, does indeed come power.

As a result of several videos I discovered that were likely expended upon (see here for my op/ed on Cyberstalker), it made me realize. These videos seem "too polished", or, as if they were manufactured. All videos were posted at a specific time, date, and all utilized the SAME tags. Deepen your thinking. Are there any people who use "sub bots" in a normal sense? "Instagram vs reality". What about 4chan? A dark website (source). Kiwifarms (source). Or lolcow? Both known websites to doxx, harass, defame, and also be the root of many recent shootings. This seemed deeper than I ever imagined. It was a business. My stalker, who formed a cult modeled after the Unicole cult...was terrifying connected and set up in order to harm me for years.

Exhibit a) from one video maliciously created on me:

lillee jean

lillee jean drama

lillee jean followers

sub bots

fake followers

instagram vs reality


instagram model

makeup youtuber

beauty youtuber

beauty youtuber drama

youtube drama


beauty community

instagram fake

photoshop vs reality




instagram influencer





It became clear to me.

"Brands “speak” like teenagers to market themselves, purported objectivity is prized as a moral good..." - Vulture

In my own experience, I did not know much about content farming. Known examples of brands "tainting" someone's reputation exist, but I had never heard of a company, rather, a conglomerate corporation, "farming" multiple "tea" and "hate" videos on people for a profit.

Let that sink in.

We start with someone who has stalked me for years on end, who created over 100+ fake Twitter accounts to torment me, and with a very guided passion, discredit, and "crusade" past me.

Suddenly, we have creators, with no name, no picture, or anything to their credit, making videos of me, shooting up to 1 million views. They care not what lies are spread, just what bank is made. They care not about what rights have been infringed upon, because these video content farms run deep.

I was shocked when I realized that all these infactual videos were linked together, and they were all made by the same grouping of people. This was a business. My pain, my agony, was a business to make money, to get views, and to hop onto the next one with. Lillee Jean has a high search inquiry; the stalker sleuths; they make money, and the fake scandal continues rolling.


Lillee Jean Project Bullyish: Anonymous Drama Channels Apart of Content Farms | Online Bullying

There is room for improvement among us as a people. Knowledge allows us to do so. Think twice before you believe a "drama" video. Consider these five things to keep yourself safe online. A farm is just another view. Who wants to be just another one?

  • 1. Why was this video made? Does it benefit the world?

  • 2. What is the intent of this video?

  • 3. Why did this person "sleuth" for this information?

  • 4. How do I feel after watching this?

  • 5. Who is the person I am watching...anyway?

Final Thoughts

Normalize "tea" videos being properly called "hate" videos. Commentary, is, not doing consistent videos to discredit, demoralize, and to shame. Gossip is a scary spiral of information, that leads to addiction. According to Mark D. Griffiths Ph.D, “Gossip is like any other addiction – it is a way of avoiding responsibility for your feelings, and can be used by the wounded self as a way to connects with others." (source)

Don't get caught up. WISE UP to what you watch.

"We...don’t have a definitive answer to why the person or people behind the channels...create... them. " (source)

"Gossip only benefits those who consume them; the subjects only receive unsolicited, judgmental comments. Remember that these public figures are human beings, they’re not on display in a museum for us to intrude on them, regardless if we’re behind the screen." - Jacqueline Arias


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