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Lillee Jean Interview “My Advocacy Is Based on My Observations” 2022 | Project: Bullyish

Young Change Makers: Why and How Lillee Jean Is Helping To Change Our World. Read the full interview here.

Lillee Jean "My advocacy is based on my observations" Interview 2022 | Project: Bullyish
Lillee Jean "My advocacy is based on my observations" Interview 2022 | Project: Bullyish

Ok super. Let’s now jump to the main part of our interview. You are currently leading an organization that aims to make a social impact. Can you tell us a bit about what you and your organization are trying to change in our world today?

My advocacy is based on my observations of unacceptable internet etiquette over the years. A problem of cyberbullying has morphed into cyberstalking, doxxing, slander, and defamation, with professionals taking part in these gangland stalking groups. An unfortunate experience of mine was being a victim of a group of people who formed a cult to take my career down. My documentary, Project: Bullyish, tells my story, but we’re focusing on education, advocacy, and what can be done to stop this type of behavior and to help people, especially children and vulnerable adults, feel accepted so they won’t become targets of these types of groups. It is my hope that people will think before participating, that this is not a reality TV show, but real life, with real consequences. Moreover, I hope that it will educate children about the dangers of the internet, including the catfishing of children by adults in an extremely inappropriate manner, without their parents knowing.

Are there three things the community/society/politicians can do to help you address the root of the problem you are trying to solve?

A lot of community leaders and politicians don’t understand the ethics of what’s going on, and they don’t want to get involved in something that could hurt their careers. People in power can do a lot of things, and they don’t. One of them is to simply get involved. We have a systematic problem that will not be fixed when people care about themselves more, than they care about others, and when they only care about what others think of them on the outside, so I continually emphasize educating and advocating.

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