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Lillee Jean Trueman's Project Bullyish Documentary Film Finished

The Project: The Bullyish film by Lillee Jean Trueman was recorded in (2022) but completed in (2024). The film is set for film festivals

Since Lillee Jean Trueman was 15 1/2 years old her life was turned upside down. As the years went on the players remained the same, but the teenager at the time's life changed forever. Footage in this documentary includes filing Federal reports with the post office for identity theft, receiving glitter bombs in the mail, death threats with gore, and local precinct reports for aggravated harassment and anti-Semitism dating as far back as 2017. This documented story will also be turned into a screenplay. It is the truth on cyberstalking, and the greed of corporations who utilize online neo-nazi websites to turn profit, while people suffer, such as Lillee Jean Trueman at the hands of their lies.

Lillee Jean project bullyish




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