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Online Bullying Awareness Guest Article: "If you are a victim, speak up" | Project: Bullyish

This article was submitted to Project: Bullyish by a source that wishes to remain anonymous, but, wishes to share their story.

Online Bullying Awareness Guest Article: "If you are a victim, speak up" | Project: Bullyish

I want to remain anonymous. I am a victim of bullying. Throughout my life, I have been bullied for many things. One event, I recall, still haunts me to this day. My ex-girlfriend hurt me not only from a broken heart but, physically. If I didn’t do anything she liked, she would beat me. Cut me. Burn me. She also physically put me in abusive situations. From that past trauma, I have PTSD. From what she told me, I held it in for five years, terrified she would find me and kill my family. I finally told my parents. I wish I spoke up sooner.

I have recently been a victim of cyber bullying after coming out 3 months ago as transgender. They’ve sent me multiple hate messages. "You don’t belong", "You're a freak", "You shouldn’t be able to live", "I’ll find you, and kill you" etc. The way I dealt with this was through therapy and the support of my family. When it comes to online bullying, there is a magical button called the block button. Just block and report them.

In my opinion, bullies and people who hurt others do so because they hurt themselves. We are stronger together. If you are a victim, speak up even if it's at school or anywhere, tell a teacher, tell a parent, tell a law enforcement officer, or tell an adult, and they will help you.

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