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Online Bullying Guest Article: “Don’t Be Afraid To Say No” | Bullyish Community

This article was submitted to Project: Bullyish.

Online Bullying Awareness Guest Article: "If you are a victim, speak up" | Project: Bullyish

As uncomfortable as it sounds, I was traumatized at work while getting cyber bullied on Facebook.

I was in high school. I didn't feel at home at my new school. At the time, I was also having difficulty making friends.

My cousins invited me to a house party after school, one day. I remember being peer pressured into drinking and ended up puking.

Six years later, I was on my break.

I liked a girl's picture from my friend's list on Facebook.

Her friend saw my like on the photo, and called me out.

While all this was happening I was at work stressing myself out. I had to stop and relax.

I had to put my phone down until I got off work.

At the time I was putting myself down. I had to remind myself, not to get worked up in this “high school drama.”

At the end of the day, I ended up unfriending those people. I didn’t want them to manipulate me in any way! It was not worth my time or energy.

Don’t be afraid to say “no” even if it's your family.

Written by:

Mauricio Gambino

USA, Guest Writer


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