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Online Gambling Promotes the Machine of the Internet | Project: Bullyish

It's no mistake that everybody in this world is connected.
project bullyish Lillee Jean

Phones, tablets, social media profiles you name it. Spending some time on the Internet looking up a how to video, a cooking recipe or even a new fashion style, seems normal. However, you'll probably find yourself coming across some type of social media influencer, or unsavory media type at some point. It's either been recommended, or you see something you might want to try!

While there is no harm in the career of "influencer", it is important to understand the dark side of things which is what Project Bullyish aims to bring light to, beyond the documentary. Influencers, PUSH product, or a goal - good or bad, it's a tricky subject to handle.

They're a bolt in a clocktower's chime, for the bigger company picture. Those big enough, earn through channels.

Content Farms

Previously with this project, it has been discussed the phenomena of Content farms, which sometimes are most literally: digital marketing agencies. They create drama, gossip, and hire videographers, editors, script writers to publish en-masse to YouTube, TikTok, and more for revenue. They show these numbers of growth to investors, and the cycle is endless. It's a money making machine! If you notice, in uniform, the same people make the same videos, the same cover photo styles, on the same people. They're used to people responding, and thus they have more videos, and thus it furthers their revenue.

This concept is very important, since in that industry, it's very common to hire random people with small payments to get them to do a response, reaction, or on the lengthiest of scale: a puppet to their master plans.

You could have a lot of followers, or just look like any Joe Shmo. They in fact like the smaller, because they appear more REAL to innocent people online.

Online Betting

How this relates is quite simple. The online world is ultimately motivated by money. Through different communities online such as gaming, betting occurs through cryptocurrency, which could be anything from a simple bet within a game to gamble on or, "will somebody react or respond" to a horrendous video done on them. It's only human, right? Or is it just money?

It doesn't help that influencers in niche communities unfortunately sponsor these events. In India, they have recognized this issue with how it is affecting their people and made a powerful statement:

"The ministry hereby strongly advises all endorsers and influencers on social media to refrain from showing such promotional content/advertisements, including surrogate advertisements, of offshore online betting and gambling platforms in any form whatsoever..." (source)

If a person feels deeply connected to somebody online, the chances are they might actually buy something, or believe something. Either way the consumer has been tricked, and it's all a lie. It's the digital medias version of a Ponzi scheme.

The Money

It's important to remember these people online are regular people, who live regular lives. They don't care who they ruin, who they destroy, or even who they benefit. They get paid, they think they did good, it's all good!

$20.00 here for a video, $2,000 there for an article, as long as they get an outcome, it's worth it because the benefits are huge. It's an investment! Just...with humans being the bait.

The online betting however, on places like CHIPS, can really put a damaging target on one's head. Even worse, when it is uncovered digital media agencies (content farms) hire people to be "fill in", much like people hired for professional protests and rallies politically, we have a different story.

It becomes fake media, and alternative facts our youth, and people are absorbing without real context. They're zombies, who group in mobs for fear of missing out. This phenomenon is preyed on by digital marketing agencies.

The Ultimate

For me, it has been a very harrowing journey. The humanized end of people betting, and being paid to destroy you, is impossible to not change you as a person.

In my opinion, the only way to combat online gambling when it ties into how our press is manipulated, and the real-life impact of false stories is through the involvement of the police and government. There really is no other effective way.

Personally, as shown in Project: Bullyish teaser 3, I have filed numerous police reports, including international ones, and also have an opened case with my local District Attorney to investigate the ongoing aggravated harassment and stalking that has persisted for many years against my family and I.

What are your thoughts on this ongoing issue?



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